Monthly Blogging Challenge; List 10 Things That Make Me Really Happy

So, it feels like I’ve been in a funk lately and I need to get myself out of that funk. Here’s the first day to monthly challenge and today I need to write down ten things that make me really happy. This should be easy right, yeah not so much.

1. My Children

This is a no brainer. I love my children more than anything and I literally make every move and decision With them in mind. They are my everything.

2. Reading

I love to read and lately it seems i haven’t had the time between work and motherhood, but reading is a form of escape.

3. Being Challenged

Although it seems like thia might not make me happy, it does. I like being pushed beyond my limit.

4. The 100

Enough said.

5. Seeing new locations

It doesnt have to be anywhere fancy, even a few blocks up, it does thw trick.

6. My clothing subscriptions

Having a personal stylist is awesome and its a great way to treat myself if I have to work long hours of overtime because I dont usually do that type of stuff for myself.

7. Chinese

Numm numm numm.

8. My Unity

I love playing around and making games for my children.

9. Work

Even if it geta stressful work can be a source of happiness. I get to meet new people, new environmental situations, etc… Better than feeling trapped.


I have to add myself to the end of this list because I make myself happy. The choices I choose to make, the path less traveled, etc its all on me. I make my own destiny and I choose my own path.

So, there you have it. These are ten things, no matter how small, that make me happy.

I challenge you to come up with ten things that make you happy.


XoXo Jessica