How To Manage Toy Clutter Without A Playroom

Managing Toy Clutter Without A Playroom

This post is essential for me because I will be finding myself moving and I want my children to have an area all their own without taking up too much of mine. Although the apartment has three bedrooms and a garage I do not want to clutter those rooms up (you will get to see their room decorating posts soon enough). I contemplated whether or not I wanted to turn the garage into a play area. Even though I get an extra space I contemplated not parking the van in the garage, and the thought was just terrible.

¬†Chelsea over at Making Home Base seems to have it going on. She shows you how her children’s’ play area went from being a total disaster to an organized little play spot. Plus, she didn’t have to give up a garage to do so.

I have an area similar that I can try this out on but I would need the space to be neutral for CAH and NRH. Even though they share some of the same interests I don’t think my daughter would love a boy based play area and I’m sure CAH wouldn’t enjoy pink too much. Who knows though, maybe they could enjoy it.

How do you manage to keep a child’s’ play area clean without having a play room/ clustering up their bedroom/ or taking up too much of your own space?

XoXo Jessica