A Pre-Kickboxing Class Nerves & Tips

Working on my strength by using various machines is great for my body but I need a change up. Anytime Fitness, my gym, has virtual classes that you can take at any time, and I’ve decided to take advantage of that part of my membership. I am going to take kickboxing. That seems like something different and unique that I can experience but one that will still give me a great workout in the end.

But I am sure nervous.

I have obviously never been to a kickboxing class and although I have done some research the thought of using my body in such a way is frightening. To help ease my nerves I looked up some tips and other advice that other people have given to people who are new to kickboxing.

Kickboxing allows both your body and your mind to excel. By learning the sport of kickboxing your body will gain coordination, confidence, strength and give you a great cardio workout while you are at it.

When you go to a kickboxing class you will find that they often fall into one of three categories. The first category is more of a dance class. This is good for those individuals who want to learn the basic and do the class purely for the cardio aspects. The second category is more of a self defense category. Kickboxing can be such an empowering activity but it can also protect someone in a time of need. The last major category that kickboxing can fall into is competition, or a one on one sport. You will want to inquire about the class beforehand so you don’t accidentally sign up for a competition style class when all you are looking for is a dance type class.

There are a wide variety of different types of kickboxing around and some gyms, or areas, may offer a certain type. In the United States the kickboxing tends to be more of a punching and kicking sport. In the United States the kickboxing prohibits any attacks near a persons groin, back, or their legs. This is important to remember.

Here are some of the tips and tricks that I felt that I could use the most, and I thought that I would pass them on to you. Just in case you feel like taking a kickboxing at a local gym near you.

1) Develop a kickboxing goal/plan
This is important because you will be able to tell how much progress you are making versus where you should back a little bit. Do you want to do a kickboxing program for your health or just conditioning your body? Do you want to do more sparring or learn the more spiritually relaxing side of kickboxing?

2) Be honest about what you can handle
We all try to do the best that we can do especially when we are trying to show off to someone else. There is only so much that our bodies can physically handle. By pushing too far too fast you could end up doing more damage than you will ever do good. Let your instructor know if it is your first class and what things you can and can not do. This is very important.

Some classes may require their participants to wear certain garb or have certain items with them, such as knee braces or boxing gloves. Even if your class does not require you to have these items it is a good idea to bring a water bottle, full of H2O of course, and a towel. You will probably need it. You will want to wear bottoms that are loose but not too lose. You will be moving around a lot and you do not want to be restricted in any way.

4) Make sure to fuel up
Carbs are a great item to eat before you start kickboxing. You will want to eat slow burning carbs the night before, so you have fuel continuously (such as brown rice or beans), and fast burning carbs the morning of or an hour before you go to work out (such as fruits or juices).

5) Start on a calmer note
A lot of people think that the martial arts is about violence or high energy. That it is meant as a physical sport. There is a reason that you see those monks in the monasteries meditating and they are great at martial arts. You need to find balance, and you need to find your focus. Meditation alone can help you to gain your focus and improve any reaction times that you have.

Overall, I can not wait to experience my first kickboxing class (I am sure that I will post up a blog going over my entire experience). Kickboxing is new and I like new things. Until next time.
XoXo Jessica