Strawberry Shortcake Bars; A Touch Of Summer

straw 1

Is your family like us in that we never need an excuse to make dessert? 😉 It might be a little worrisome, but it’s pretty upsetting to the kids if there isn’t a dessert after dinner. And I’m not talking about OUR kids. I’m talking about my parents’ kids… The ADULTS! It’s no secret that we have dessert after every wonderful Sunday meal… and weekday meals… and Friday night for funsies (we’re awesome like that!) Often, we have a birthday (or five), to celebrate that month, so we feel a little more justified in our sugar overloads (like we really need justification?)

May happens to be Carpenters month! My son was born in May so we celebrate with cake or cupcakes. But he was born on our anniversary, so we have to celebrate the day after with cookies or cake. A few days later is my birthday, so we do more celebrating with more treats, or in this case, scrumptious Strawberry Shortcake Bars (there may have been pazookie in there too)!

These Strawberry Shortcake Bars from Divas Can Cook are now a favorite among the adults. The super soft cake like crust perfectly combines with a light layer of cream cheese and whipped cream, topped with fresh cold strawberries. It’s heavenly! If that doesn’t sing “Happy Birthday to you”, I don’t know what does!



If you’re a fruit lover, I’m certain you will LOVE this simple but perfectly sweet Shortcake Bar recipe. See for yourself!

Go get the full recipe over here at Lil’ Luna, . She is a great blogger and check out her other recipes to find a new favorite summer treat. Re-blogged from Lil’ Luna.