Skipping Breakfast Could Be Making You Fat

News Flash; Skipping breakfast could be making you fat, potentially. There are many benefits to eating breakfast but skipping it could have some serious side effects.

If you are skipping breakfast but deciding to eat something later, whether it’s breakfast or even snack, you could potentially be raising your risks of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. The American Heart Association journal researchers, Columbia University, wrote that both the meals and the timing/frequency of the meals are linked to risk factors for a variety of different health conditions, including reduced insulin sensitivity and high blood pressure. 

Although this has not been scientifically proven in humans yet it is basic anatomy. We need the fuel to survive and by skipping breakfast you are essentially taking away those nutrients from your body. This is a big debate topic amongst those who are in the scientific community. 


One of the biggest benefits of eating is that it helps get your body and digestion working. These items will help you to lose some of that extra weight.

Another great benefit of eating is that the fuel from the food, as long as you heat healthy, will kick start your metabolism. Along with your metabolism you will see upped focus and concentration.

Eating breakfast will not only start up your metabolism but it also improves your focus and energy. 

When it comes to our children eating breakfast is an essential part of everyday life. It is so important. Their growing bodies need all of the nutrients and fuel that they can get at school age or less.

If you find that your child has been overly annoyed today than try to start the next morning with breakfast.

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Overall trying to workout, more weights and less cardio, and watch as you lose weight 

XoXo Jessica