Pinterest Fail; My Devastatingly Delicious Fruit Loop Roll Ups

This started out as a treat I was going to make for CAH and NRH but turned into what looks like a blown up Pinterest Fail. They have been so good lately that I wanted to return the favor. I searched on Pinterest and watched videos until I landed upon this delicious dessert. I tried to copy it and sadly to say I majorly failed. It was bad but I learned from my mistakes and I MIGHT be willing to try it again one day, maybe.

The original recipe that I semi-followed is the Fruity Pebble Rainbow Cereal Treats, can be found here (The opening picture and some of the recipe can be contributed back to her), but I wanted to change it up. Whether or not that change up was what caused this chaotic mess but something did.

Even though it looks completely horrible the recipe turned out delicious. Which my kids will love even though it looks like I accidentally blew something up.

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This was the easy part, gathering up the ingredients. It is such an easy recipe that I didn’t need much to make it happen. I decided to use fruit loops instead of the fruity pebbles because the kids enjoy fruit loops more. Maybe that was where I made my mistake.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The video I watched for this recipe said to count out forty marshmallows, which I did. The blog on the other hand told me to use a few cups of mini marshmallows. Instead I was mostly going for the video (I couldn’t find the video or the source).


The next part of the recipe called for six cups of the cereal. Since I was using crushed up fruit loops I most likely made a mistake here as well. I crushed up (which without a food processor really hurts the hands) the cereal until I got six cups worth.


The next step is melting the butter. Once the butter is fully melted you will want to put the marshmallows into the melted butter and slowly, on low, melt the marshmallows until you create a melted marshmallow mixture. You will want to add your cereal mixture to your melted marshmallow mixture at this moment.

This is where it started getting hectic for me so I don’t have as many horrible photos to show you, but try to learn from my mistakes if you plan on trying to do this for yourself.

This is the last set of pictures I have.  You will want to dump out your cereal/marshmallow mixture onto a sheet of wax paper. This will help you to spread out your mixture and to roll out the mixture. You will want to flatten out the cereal mixture as best as you can.

After you have flattened it to your liking you will want to add a layer of marshmallow fluff to the top of your cereal mixture. This will act as the glue as you roll up your mixture.

Now comes the tricky part for me. I had the hardest time with this. Whether my mixture had too much cereal to marshmallow (I would highly suggest using about five cups of cereal to the forty marshmallows) or it was just me, I don’t know.

You will want to start at one of the ends. Place your hands underneath the roll and slowly press it on top of the next part of the roll creating a long spherical shape. You will want to remove the wax paper as you go.

This is where I ran into trouble. After I rolled about half of the cereal marshmallow mixture it started to move and the marshmallow fluff decided to start coming out from the other end. I kept going and cleaned up the mess as I went. The extra cereal that wasn’t as well coated with the marshmallow mixture was at the ends and I kind of molded it up as I went.

After I rolled it up I noticed that it wasn’t keeping the shape that I wanted it to so I remolded it with my hands and then let it chill in the freezer for a while. Then voila! It is delicious but it doesn’t look as beautiful as some of the many other examples. I did try for my kids though.

What do you think I did wrong? What would you suggest for next time.

XoXo Jessica