20 Things We NEED To Say To Our Children


20 things

One of biggest duties as a parent is to make sure that we mold our children into adults that will make us proud. The little things that we say and do can help to change their lives forever. These twenty things might seem like they are little to us but to our children every little thing that we say and do can affect them for the rest of their lives.
1) I’m Grateful For You
Children need to hear this from their parents because between discipline and the different stresses that children see their parents having it can cause them to doubt their importance. They may feel like they are the sole reason for these issues. By telling your children that You are grateful for them then they can see how important they really are to you. This is one of the many reassuring things that you can say to your child.
2) You Make Me Proud
You can use any variety of this with your children but you will want to make sure that you let them know how proud of them you really are. Did they do something extraordinary, let them know. Did they do all of their chores without being asked? Let them know that you are proud of them. It’s the little things that really do matter.
3) I Believe You
This one can be trickier to do on occasion. My daughter sometimes likes to come up with fantastical stories about how she scraped her knee. I know that these are often made up but I know when she tells me the truth. This is when I tell her that I believe her. This makes her feel like I am listening to what she has to tell me and that she can come to me when she needs to.
4) I Believe In You
This saying is a great encouragement for when your child is about to do something new. This can be taxing on a little mind but knowing that their parents believe in them can make a world of difference.
5) You Were Right
There are times when parenting needs to come first but you also need to say this from time to time because there are two different perspectives to everything. You might be seeing everything from your perspective and not taking theirs into consideration.
6) I Know You Did Your Best
If your child tries something new and doesn’t necessarily to the best at it this would be the saying to use. By telling your child that they did their best it lets them know that they can do it again. Maybe next time they will have enough confidence to do better.
7) We Can Try Your Way
As a parent compromising can be difficult. You may feel that your way is the proper way of doing things. It doesn’t hurt to ask your child what they would do and if it seems like their way could work you can do this. It will give them the confidence that they came up with a way of doing things that is correct. It teaches them to be more sustainable while giving them confidence.
8) You Make Me Happy
Sometimes the stresses of being a parent can overwhelm us. By letting your child know that they do in fact make you happy you are letting them know that they own a big piece of your heart and that you actually do care and love them. Children need to be reassured. If all they hear is yelling and their parents being stressed, which shouldn’t happen, that is how they are going to perceive their relationship to you.
9) I Love Your Creativity
Your child has a bright mind but if you hold it back it will not continue to flourish. Saying things like I love your creativity or I love the way you did this will help them to keep using that mind track. It will allow them to push past their boundaries because they are not scared about what you are going to say.
10) I Can’t Wait To Hear All About It
Children love telling their parents about every little detail in their lives (even if we were there) but sometimes we get a little sidetracked. If that happens just saying this will allow for that conversation to happen later and let your child know that you really do want to hear what they have to say.
11) Don’t Be Afraid To Be You
Everyone is different so why shouldn’t our children be? Sometimes it can seem easier to mold our children a certain way but in the end that doesn’t turn out very well. By letting your child know that it is okay to be themselves you are giving them confidence to not hide who they are but to let it out and flourish.
12) I Trust You
Sometimes children don’t feel the confidence to say or even do the things that they need to do. They feel like their parents don’t trust or believe in them as much as they hope for. By saying this little quote you can instill that confidence back into your child.
13) Being Your Parent Is My Favorite Job
I am not sure if I like how this is written but it holds true in so many ways. Children see us going to and from work, coming and going. They may feel like they are being put off to the side or left alone because a parent does not want to see them. By saying this little saying, maybe with a hug, a parent can let their child know that they are still the most important thing in their lives.
14) You Make Me Better
Let’s be honest here parents. Our children have made us better people. They have allowed us to grow up a little more and allowed us to make our futures brighter. This is a true statement and by letting your child hear this they know how important they are and how much we love them.
15) You Are A Good Boy/Girl
This one is crucial. There are times we have to take an item away or punish them but that is parenting. By saying this quote (or something along this line) to them after they do something good we are letting them know that we do see all the good that they are doing and not just the bad.
16) Nobody Is Perfect
Parents aren’t perfect and neither are our children. If a child is feeling upset because they couldn’t get something just right use this saying and have them try again. Most things need practice but you can encourage them to try again without them giving up.
17) We All Make Mistakes
People make mistakes and so do our children. By letting them know that mommy and daddy do make mistakes it lets them know that what happened was not the end of the world and it does happen from time to time.
18) Not Everyone Will Like You, And That’s Okay
My daughter is a social butterfly. She will try to make friends with everyone she meets, and usually it works. There was only a couple times where it didn’t work instantly and she was so upset about it. Asking me why they didn’t want to play and be her friend. Granted, she’s only four, but still this line works perfectly to assure her that it is not her or the other person. Some things are not meant to happen.
19) I Forgive You
This one is a big one that happens quite often in my house, honestly, and it still works. Children mess up. They do stuff wrong, but they need to see something more than anger coming from their children. Time outs and punishments are good methods to use but when the child comes back out to apologize than saying this line is a great way to show your children that you did forgive them for whatever they did.
I personally feel that this one can not be said enough. Children need to know that there parent is there for them and that they love/care about them. It is essential in raising a balanced child. They need to know that you are in their corner. They need to know that you love them.

By starting out with these twenty small sayings you could be changing your children’s’ lives until they are raising grand babies of their own, if that is their choice. Instill courage, strength, love, and responsibility in your children. Watch them grow up to be strong but have a good emotional base behind them. Raise your children to be the best that they can be.

XoXo Jessica

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