Wantable Fitness Edit #1 June 2017

So… I’ve been curious about these monthly subscription boxes and I have subscribed to numerous programs so far. This would be my first Wantable Fitness edit and I had no clue what to expect. I must say with this edit I was surprised. I kept three out of the seven pieces and one was a piece that I requested. Well onto more about Wantable Fitness. 

One of the sectors of the Wantable company is their Fitness boxes. This subscription box costs $20 a month but if you purchase something out of the box the money is taken off of that item or items. Many of you have heard about Stitch Fix (please refer back here soon to see my first review) and this program is similar but with Fitness clothing. This program is essential for me because I’ve been starting to hit the gym again and I’ve been wanting something cute to wear when I go. 

When you sign up for Wantable Fitness you fill out a little style quiz that includes whether you like bright or neutral colors, what clothing items you would like to receive, and others that you don’t. I personally never wanted to see undergarments for my lower half in a Fitness Fix. 

After you fill out the Fitness survey a stylist that will be assigned to you for that Fix will style seven pieces based off of your profile quiz. If you like your stylist you can request them in the future. 

The key to getting the most out of these services is if you leave detailed reasons why you liked or didn’t like something in the checkout area after you receive your box. It’s hard for these wonderful ladies to keep doing their work if they get no feedback. 

This is my first edit and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Forgive some of the quality in my photos, I only had my cellphone (hopefully upgrading soon). 

Here was the first look at my boxes. It seemed like it was overfill but that did not ruin or damage any of the items inside. 

The package was so well packed and it looked beautiful before I even opened it to see my products. It had basic instructions on the inside flap of the box in case you didn’t do your research beforehand or even read reviews. 

It provides details on trying the items (make sure not to rip off the tags or you have to keep them), the check out process, and the send back process. They include a prepaid, preinsuranced envelope for you to do so.

I especially liked the little sticker saying that it was especially packed for me. It showed me that they did think about my wants and needs while making this box. 

You get a personal note from your stylist along with any comments that you might have added, which I did. You also get descriptions and pricing for each item in your box.

I also took some pics of the return envelope. It was big enough to send my returns in.

My first look into my box. I seen some color and an item that I requested from the stream. So excited. 

I seen that I got two straps bras, I asked for one, and two different bottoms. I also got a pullover.

My first outfit, sorry again for the bad pics, but this was the outfit I decided to keep. 

Chic Bra Indian Blue-Onzie ($48.00)

This bra was absolutely perfect. I wanted a strappy bra and this one fit perfectly. Not only is this bra chic and stylish but it works well with whatever activity I choose to do. It is fully lined for maximum support and features a cross cross design in the back and a scoop neck in the front. 


Victory Tank Tempest – Soybu ($29)

This tank top is perfect. It’s silky so when I sweat it won’t stay in the fabric. I love the cute detail in the back and it works well with the strappy bra. It’s also very breathable because it uses dri-force stretch fabric and it also features reflective properties so it’s perfect to use outside. 


7/8 Legging Itajime White -Wear it to Heart ($82)

These are the pair of leggings that I requested from the stream because I fell in love with them at first sight. I was not disappointed in the least bit. I love the feel of the fabric as well as the colorful design. It was a win win for me. These leggings are made out of proprietary super eco-friendly salutex fabric. 


These were the items I didn’t like so much. 

Color lock Meah Capri Cliffhanger Black-Zobha ($54)

These were a no for me. First off they were capris which I didn’t like with this style. It also had mesh sides which would usually appeal to me but with these capris it was a no go. Plus is that these were moisture wicking.


Chaya Hoodie Navy/White Stripe -Rese ($98)

I contemplated on this item for a while, I really did. I needed a new pullover. It has a weird fabric on the outside, like a towel that has been washed too many times, but the inside is super soft. It was returned for the towel feeling.


Drifter Tank Heather Grey/Black Mesh-Glyder ($48)

This shirt was cute and I liked the meah in the back but it’s also open cut so I would need to wear a tank top underneath. It was a little tight in the front so it had to be returned.


Radiance Sports Bra Black -Ziane ($46)

I wanted to love this bra so BAD. It had the beautiful intricate backing but unfortunately the thicker strap, that’s meant to hold the babies up, was a little too tight. If I could have gotten this in a bigger size I would have.

For the pieces I wanted it’s a $150 minus the $20 styling fee so it comes to about $130. If you KEPT five or more pieces you would get an additional 20% off, but unfortunately it wasn’t going to happen this round. If you want to get Wantable Fitness (that is an affiliate link and I get a referral fee which comes at absolutely no extra cost to you). 

Thank you for reading my first Fix. 

XoXo Jessica