Revamping my New Years’ Goal

So, like many of us, our New Years goals sometimes go untouched or barely touched as the year goes by. Recently I decided to really take my New Years goal into motion by losing some weight.

Losing weight is often a highly wished for resolution to make as the New Years rings in. How many of us actually stick to it? Recently I decided to go back and actually take on my goal, which was to lose forty pounds. It seems feasible to some but for me and my love of sugar it’s incredibly hard. 

To help me on my journey I decided to do the Slim Me 1 YP10 program, sorry I don’t have my affiliate link available, and this program has done wonders for me. In the first seven days after my loading period I lost a total of 10.2 pounds. Even though that number seems great there was a catch. My sweet tooth was tempting me to cheat and honestly I let it win a couple of times. Tomorrow will be my restart date. If I can do this and reach my goal I will have achieved my New Years resolution. 

Is the program enough for me?

Unfortunately no. I felt that I needed an extra boost and signing up for a gym would be a tool to help aid in my weight loss. With the yP10 program you don’t need to exercise much at all but it felt wrong for me.

Well, Jessica, what did you do?

I joined Anytime Fitness.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Anytime Fitness it is a gym club that has a monthly fee but the best part about this gym is that it is open 24/7. That works out so well with my work schedule. I spent three hours there today after signing up and burned a whopping 1000cal. I plan on stopping by tonight after I get off of work to continue burning off calories.

I do not have a current update on my weight but I will let you guys know when the big milestones occur. 

Do you guys have a favorite gym or exercise equipment?

Once again thank you for stopping by and reading.